Pardieu Gallery is proud to present "Natures vibrations", by David Blow

David Blow is a photographer/printmaker/artist and Professor Emeritus of Art at the University of North Texas. David graduated from the Kendall School of Design, Grand Rapids, Michigan, received a BFA from Michigan State, and an MFA from Syracuse University. David Blow is interested in the duality of spirituality and peacefulness, which you can see and experience in his work. David feels that we retreat to nature whenever we need a new perspective, or peace of mind. He uses nature as a source of spiritual, mental and physical renewal.

David Blow’s current work is investigating nature’s vibrations, signals from God. As Reverend Beckwith states : “We are all vibrational beings,” not just flesh and blood, and as Michio Kaku the physicist claims that at the subatomic level the universe is insubstantial, just vibrations, like a violin string. Quarks, electrons, and the rest are like notes on a string. In a way, we are each a song, music made flesh. All things vibrate as the Creator intended. David is now making these vibrations visible.

David Blow has received awards in numerous national and international exhibitions including (first place) Breed Gallery, Center for Contemporary Arts National Juried Art Show & Competition, Abilene Texas; (hon- orable mention) HEALING NATURE: Art and the Environment, Cape Cod Museum of Art, Dennis, Massachusetts; (purchase award) Delta National Small Prints Exhibition, Bradbury Art Museum, Arkansas State University; and best of show Camp Fire’s 31st Annual An Artists’ Christmas. Fort Worth Texas.